Quick & Easy Phone Mount & a Quick Project Life Layout

Here is a quick video on how to make a super easy and inexpensive phone mount for making crafting/stamping videos! Yes I know the video is sideways (ugh!). I didn’t realize that I had to turn it before uploading it. Hopefully my next video will turn out much better!

I also made a Project Life 12″ x 12″ scrapbook page in the 2nd half of the video. I used the Let’s Get Away Project Life Bundle, #140300 $34.00, 12″ X 12″ Project Life Photo Pocket Pages #135295 $7.00. You can purchase any of these items on my Stampin Up website HERE. It was super fast and so cute! I’m in love with all of Stampin Up Project Life Kits. It makes scrapbooking SO easy!

I hope you enjoyed this quick video, that it helps you in some small way…and I promise they will get better! Ha! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! ❤



My Old Blog & This Here New One!

Hello Friends!

My old blog is a thing of the past! I decided to use a private domain for my new blog, so here it is! You should have come here from http://sweetpiecesbyme.blogspot.com/. I hope to share my Stampin Up projects, craft projects, photography, food/recipes, and little antidotes about my family life.

I’m excited to pursue my blog in a serious way! I have been wanting to update my blog and just write more! I have many things to share with the world and sometimes I feel like my head is about to pop with all of the ideas I have rolling around in there.

I’m hoping this blog helps to be the outlet that I can utilize to help extract all that’s in that crazy head of mine. 😉

I hope you follow me on this incredible journey and I hope it can help you or inspire you in some way!