My Old Blog & This Here New One!

Hello Friends!

My old blog is a thing of the past! I decided to use a private domain for my new blog, so here it is! You should have come here from http://sweetpiecesbyme.blogspot.com/. I hope to share my Stampin Up projects, craft projects, photography, food/recipes, and little antidotes about my family life.

I’m excited to pursue my blog in a serious way! I have been wanting to update my blog and just write more! I have many things to share with the world and sometimes I feel like my head is about to pop with all of the ideas I have rolling around in there.

I’m hoping this blog helps to be the outlet that I can utilize to help extract all that’s in that crazy head of mine. 😉

I hope you follow me on this incredible journey and I hope it can help you or inspire you in some way!




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