America’s Tire Company Party Nor-Cal 2015

This past Saturday was AMAZING. Not only did my husband have his company party and receive 2 awards, but the man himself, Chairman and Owner Bruce Halle was an honored guest. He was so sweet, I was blessed to talk to him for about 1 minute! He is such a humble man and just adorable. I wish I could have talked with him for longer and just listen to all his amazing stories about his journey. Guess I’ll just have to finish his book Six Tires No Plan (which I started many moons ago!).

Bruce T. Halle

He started his very eloquent speech by giving all of us a very sincere THANK YOU. We were all so touched and of course he did get a standing ovation.

I was so proud that my husband, Galen, and his awesome crew at CAN 37 did a sales record in March ($400k) and then again in July ($450k). He has been a dedicated and hard working Manager, sometimes working 13-14 hour days and it has definitely paid off.

Galen Becker, the VP & AVP's

I apologize for the fuzzy picture but I was sitting pretty far from the stage. 😦 Galen did SO well on his speech even though he was definitely nervous. It didn’t show much and he was just amazing. I’m so immensly proud of all his accomplishments. He strives to be the best everyday and it shows. I love him SO much!!!

Awards 400k & 450k CAN 37, ATC, America's Tire Co

We didn’t get to go to the party last year because of our little baby. She needed her mommy to go nigh nigh. So this year was especially wonderful. We were greeted at  check in at the Hyatt with champagne. Then once we were ready and came downstairs, it was cocktail and appetizer time. Great food! Of course the pictures were a must (kind of like a “prom” picture if you will. I’ll have to upload that one later. Here’s the bathroom selfie! LOL! Well…it was the best lighting. 😉

Galen & Charlene Becker

We had such a great dinner, filet and salmon, broccolini and some really decadent mashed potatoes. Then there was the chocolate lava cake and the NY style cheesecake…oh my gosh…I wish I could have at them all! I ate most of my lava cake and a little of my husband’s. They were just divine!

Me & TracyAlisha & Me

And here are a couple of my very good friends, Tracy on the left and Alisha on the right. Alisha and I had fun getting ready together! She helped me start and pause a Youtube make up tutorial video. Which was amazing!I also rented a dress for the first time on the site Rent the Runway. Here’s a link to my amazing Nicole Miller dress! I got the most compliments – ever! I felt SO beautiful and more importantly, comfortable!

We had such a great time! I honestly can’t wait until next year. Thank you Bruce Halle for ALL you do for us. We are blessed!!! (and even more so now that we all have our little guardian angel pins) ❤